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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Water Ballet

There's something about posting an ultrasound photo online that kinda freaks me out. Yes, the profile of the kid is cute but it's more of a "I don't really want you to see the inside of me" problem. Some things are too personal.

So, instead, you get my kid doing water ballet - or at least that's what it looks like. Or surfing on some big waves. Or just trying to find the best position before bed.

I held the camera pretty steady. This babe likes to move! Notice within the first 3 seconds the body part (arm? elbow? bum?) sweeps across. Yeah, it's weird to feel too.

It was a really active night. But we eventually went to sleep.

Oh, and Yea! for me for posting my first ever blogger video. Plenty of other times I tried but just couldn't wait long enough. Being pregnant has made me patient.

Answers to questions I get almost daily now:

1) Yes I'm feeling fine, you asked me yesterday. And the day before. And every freaking day before that so leave me alone already!

2) Still due in June.

3) It's the clothes that make me look bigger.

4) Yes, all chairs are uncomfortable.

5) Yes, I'm on my way to the bathroom. (Why would someone ask me that? But they do when they see me coming down the hall. That should be in the same category as 'no ultrasounds online,' it's personal.)

6) No, I can wait. I'm in no hurry to be done. I'm smart enough to know this is the easy part.

After finally getting over my stupid cold, I went and got hit by allergies. Yea! I'm desperate to breath, has anyone tried a neti pot? Oh boy, doesn't that look weird? But my boss swears by it - and apparently so does Dr. Oz.


-Tony- said...

oooh - that's a little dancer in there! We already know it doesn't like some loud music. Maybe you should play soft elevator muszak for the baby?

Todd said...

Somehow seeing this video is even weirder than an ultrasound. Though if you really think about an ultrasound you have to realize you're looking at someones uterus which is -also- really strange.

I'm having to pick up all the pregnancy stuff from your blog and talking to the new receptionist who's 2 months behind you. I feel as if I should have gotten to this point in my life before now...oh well. No time like the present.

Todd said...

Oh, and since I have no clue what the baby is called until it comes out I'm referring to him/her as barishnakov (because of the water ballet stuff, get it? ;-) ) until told otherwise

Jessi said...

I haven't tried soft music. Barishnakov has no preference I'm thinking.

Ha! Barishnakov, Todd. You're too funny.

Ya, uterus = private. But yes, seeing something inside move on the outside is totally crazy.

Neha P. Photography said... cute! i miss being pregnant!!!