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Friday, June 26, 2009

1st Drum Corps Show

We took Jules to the Stillwater show last weekend. Honestly, we thought we wouldn't make it to any shows this year because of when he was due. But, we made it to Stillwater. Turns out it was the first show of the season because the night before was rained out.

Regiment horn arc during warm-up. Seven days out and I'm still a little swollen in the face. Plus, it was HOT!

Hot baby.

"I think I'll wake up for finals."

Jules was awesome during the show. Until Cavaliers came on the field. Jules we know and it's ok to cry, but they really did sound good.


-Tony- said...

Get him a horn!

Michael said...

Awesome shirt for baby.

Too bad we didn't run into each other at the show.

Jessi said...

Justin wants to get him a trumpet. I think we've got a few years.

Mike were you there? Hopefully you didn't go to SOS and then it got rained out.

We'll be at finals, you can meet Jules then.

Michael said...

Yep, I was at Stillwater and Menomonie the next night, so I did have one rain-out. Bummer.

See you in Indy.

Neha P. Photography said...

how sweet, jessi! you look great!