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Monday, June 08, 2009

Labor & Delivery: Round 1

Sent home much to my happiness because I have not done the following:

- packed a hospital bag
- made a going home outfit for baby
- finished my work for work
- finished my thank you cards from my baby showers
- finalized a name for baby
- installed the car seat base in any car

But just in case I was going to be admitted I had done the following:
- ate breakfast
- packed my mintop, the camcorder and the digital camera
That's it. Sad huh.

I'm at home today working, I'm fine.

I think I'll get to that bag sooner than later.


-Tony- said...

This is like getting a 'break up' text. You can't do this!

You have to call people!

I'm really excited for you and Justin!

Jessi said...

I know, I was really freaked out this morning. I was sending my boss an email while the nurse was asking me questions. That's how caught off guard I was!

But we're good. So no phone calls needed yet :)

Neha P. Photography said...

what happend?????????? you're NOT keeping me updated, Jessi!

Crystal said...

you're crazy lol you need to make Justin do these things for you.

Writinggal said...

I'm two days behind! You could have had little Xavier Montrose by now!