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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Call It What You Will, It's a Post

It's a Christmas miracle! I got my Burda magazine yesterday, December 1st. I normally get it at the end of the month. And there are some awesome items that are calling my name to be made.

Justin admits he's Passive Aggressive. I'm here to tell you, he is. And in honor of his personality trait (I know who from), I found this site that you might enjoy. I think it's hilarious because I think we all have some passive aggressiveness towards people.


MEG said...

Justin is Minnesotan. To say he is passive-aggressive would be redundant. I know my own.

Jessi said...

You're right. Now that I'm here, I think all Minnesotans are passive-aggressive. Wonder why that is??

MEG said...

Probably the weather. They know Mother Nature is trying to kill them.

james said...

It's just their proximity to Canada. It's been a shock coming home to the Great White North and the local's desire to be nice. Canadians have just as much anger and hate as anyone... but they sugar coat it.

After a couple years in the Great Red South, I've got to say I much prefer the overtly-aggressive approach!

It's liberating and, in this land of passives, it's quite the social weapon.

Jessi said...

James-Congrats on the new baby! She's super cute (even with your ears).

Apparently it's called "Minnesota Nice" I don't think the sugar coating came down far enough from the Great White North. I'm thinking it's more the artificial stuff, you know, like Splenda?