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Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Seriously, Saxby Chambliss? It sounds like some French powder you only wear on special occasions. Or, better yet, a bottle of perfume or wine. I'm not saying he's special or anything, just a U.S Senator, but the name sounds like top billing at a Broadway show.

We're totally naming our first born Saxby Chambliss Foell. It could totally work for a boy or girl. Or better yet, a new puppy. I hope Justin agrees with me. (Like my subtle hint for a new min pin? Scully needs a friend her size.)

On Black Friday, I headed out at 5:30 with my in-laws to get a few items. We went to the usual places, Target, Circuit Shitty, Ulta, and Fleet Farm. Actually, it's Mills Fleet Farm and in Wisconsin, it's Mills Farm Fleet. These Midwesterners are nuts for their Fleet Farm or Farm Fleet or the farming place where you can get a composting toilet and a bag of cashews. It's hard to describe. It's a cross between Wal-Mart (booooo, but with way better lighting and it doesn't smell), Lowes, and PetsMart. The only reason why I say Wal-Mart, they have all the weird clothing you would think was a good idea at the time, but later on, not so much. You need Vikings gear? Fleet Farm is your place for the ugliest Vikings gear out there.

My in-laws went there for Cartwright gear. WTH? I don't know either. Apparently, this is the last year the Minnesota Gophers are playing at an indoor stadium (the Metrodome). They are getting their own and it's outdoors. So mil is hooking fil up with cold weather gear so he can freeze while watching his Alma Mater. Sounds like fun to me. Apparently, you can only get this gear at Fleet Farm. I'm sure the farmer's have other sources for Cartwright gear but I have no idea.

Surprisingly, I did pick up a few things (not clothing), mostly because they were really good deals. Some I can't say because they are gifts but I got Scully the softest dog sweater for $3! And since she looks so pretty in it, it was worth it.

But I still like to "Save big money with My Nards".


-Tony- said...

5:30?! Insane! Well, not as insane as my office mate for going to the Outlet Mall near Palm Springs at 11:30pm Thanksgiving night! Yes! They opened at Midnight Friday and she said they drove around for 35 minutes in the parking lot waiting for a spot to open up!

I didn't get up so early, and we only spent like 3 hours out on Friday and about the same on Saturday.

What's a Nard?

Jessi said...

Menards. It's like a home depot or lowes. The commercials have this dumb theme song (that they've had forever it seems) but the last line is: "Save big money at Menards!"

Justin and I always change it to: "Save big money at My Nards!"

Cause we're funny.